The HIVE at the UWC Images © Louise Stickland, courtesy Christie DigitalACADEMIA

GeoVisionary is the result of a lengthy collaboration between the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Virtalis, so it began life as an academic project. The initial goal, to create a virtual fieldwork environment for geoscientists was quickly attained.

Now GeoVisionary’s use is broadening out as installations around the world increase. One of the major advantages GeoVisionary offers over current visualisation software (3 & 4D GIS) is its ability to integrate very large volumes of data from multiple sources, allowing a greater understanding of diverse spatial datasets. We are only, in consequence, just beginning to scratch the surface of how GeoVisionary can be deployed within research and university teaching.

GeoVisionary’s application will inevitably broaden to encompass both property modelling and process modelling. Being able to monitor, in real-time, the changes occurring within a defined area will mean that the system will become vital in many diverse spheres. GeoVisionary will, in time, become a fundamental tool within environmental sciences, history and archaeology.

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