BGS Geologists using GeoVisionary to review data GEOSCIENCES

GeoVisionary is the result of a lengthy research collaboration between the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Virtalis. It is a unique 3D stereographic software system that was developed specifically for virtual field reconnaissance.

GeoVisionary was developed initially to allow high-resolution visualisation of the kinds of spatial data that are generally used in geological mapping projects. One of the design goals was to ensure
that data sets for large regions, national to sub-continental, could be loaded simultaneously and at full resolution, while allowing real-time interaction with the data. 

GeoVisionary allows for digitisation in 3D space, enabling geologists to digitise geological features directly on the 3-D elevation model and orthophotography. This preliminary mapping capability saves much time especially because it improves the agreement of resultant geologic lines with the topographic base that
is used for mapping. GeoVisionary has been designed in such an open way, using XML formats, that other software, such as ESRI, links into it easily. Links to other software packages include individual georeferenced and non georeferenced image files, GeoTIFF images, JPG images, TGA images, SRTM data, most formats of GOCAD, GSI3D – GXML, LiDAR point cloud data surface or points and Enhanced Compression Wavelets.

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