Virtalis GeoVisionary Sales Team Leader

Even before the world sees GeoVisionary this autumn, Virtalis has hired a visualisation specialist to lead the sales effort for its 3D landscape visualising software, developed jointly with BGS. Andrew O’Keeffe comes to Virtalis from blue chip companies CAE and Thales where he held roles in European sales management.

Andrew commented: “I’m not easily impressed, but I certainly was by Virtalis technology. I have been in visualisation all my working life and have increasingly found that as datasets have become ever more detailed they have become impossible to render owing to memory constraints. GeoVisionary effortlessly overcomes this problem, allowing people to see the full impact of their data for the first time. The market for GeoVisionary is vast and my colleagues and I have got a big task ahead. Sectors we will be targeting include the military, local and regional Government, geologists, civil engineers, oil, gas, mining and other power or network providers.”

David Cockburn-Price, MD of Virtalis, Europe’s leading Virtual Reality company, said: “We are poised on the brink of something really special with GeoVisionary. We know we have technology that no one else in the world has got. Even just the core application, without the market specific modules, has left the people we have shown it to in awe.  We were fortunate to attract someone with Andrew’s wealth of experience, but equally I know he feels just as fired up about being part of the team responsible for bringing GeoVisionary to market.”

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