GeoVisionary Set To Wow ESRI

ESRI International User Conference 2008 in San Diego will be the site of the first public viewing of GeoVisionary. The truly groundbreaking 3D landscape visualising software was developed jointly by Virtalis and the British Geological Survey (BGS) and is due to be formally launched in London in early September.

GeoVisionary enables the visualisation of geoscience data, and allows other data, such as geotechnical, environmental and geochemical information to be overlaid onto it, giving a complete picture. Intermap’s Booth 1823 will show GeoVisionary in all its glory using stereoscopic rear projection to give visitors a 3D view of the landscape.

GeoVisionary has been designed in such an open way that it is not limited to the British shores or BGS data. BGS has already used the application to validate and plan projects internationally and it has also gathered planetary data, such as that freely provided by NASA, and investigated how best to view and interpret such data. Bruce Napier, Leader of BGS' Virtual Field Reconnaissance project, remarked: "GeoVisionary is a huge leap in geoscience visualisation technology.”

GeoVisionary will be demonstrated by Andrew O’Keeffe from Virtalis and Bruce Napier and Luke Bateson from BGS. Andrew, who is in charge of the sales team for GeoVisionary, commented: “I have found that as datasets have become ever more detailed they have become impossible to render owing to memory constraints. GeoVisionary effortlessly overcomes this problem, allowing people to visualise, analyse and interpret the full impact of their data in real-time for the first time. The market for GeoVisionary is vast and my colleagues and I have got a big task ahead.”

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